Wilderners is a digital magazine with a difference and a unique viewpoint. We are all about offering the metropolitan busy bee an alternative viewpoint.

We are poised to bring just a little bit more Zen to the busy and hectic daily lives of readers.

Wilderners is the brainchild of a group of fun-loving, adventure seeking, modern individuals who have experiences in various sectors.

Wild and Urban

We like to say that we are “wild and urban”, and we do believe that it is possible to be both things at the same time.

If you’d like to find out how; we definitely recommend that you become a reader of Wilderners. We address a wide range of issues in a fun, cheek in the tongue manner. Yet, our brain-picking topics provide better insight into the discovery of a better life.

You will find segments and topics ranging from food to nutrition, fitness, gardening, travel, health and to money. We also have terrific sections dealing with style, beauty, craft, seasons, culture, events, art, spirituality, and relationships. We have something for everyone, and we hope we make a wild and urban believer out of you.