It is not uncommon to hear people say that rainy or cold months is the best time of the year for them. However while the rains and cold is a delight for some, others quake at the thought of it. This is not just because the drop in temperature makes their bodies shiver, but because they feel pains in their joints. People with arthritis often complain of severe joint pains during colder months indicating that there is a link between aching joints and weather.

Although medical professionals are yet to ascertain the exact science behind cold-related joint pains, some suggest that the joints, ligaments, and muscles become less flexible and energetic when there is a drop in temperature.

Prevention of Aching Joints During Cold Seasons

Fortunately, you can prevent joint pains during the rainy or cold weather. Consider the following measures:

Wear Warmer Clothes

During cold weather, it is better to wear warm clothes that cover the joints. Winter clothing like jackets, socks, scarves, and gloves help to retain heat, allowing your body to stay warm all day. You can also wear tight clothing to reduce inflammation of the joint. Keep in mind that it is safer to overdress than to underdress during cold weather. If you feel too hot, you can always remove a layer of your clothing.

Limit Your Outdoor Activities

If you stay out in the cold for too long, chances are, your body will lose heat, and you may catch a cold. Since cold aggravates joint aches, it is best to spend less time outside during colder months. You can arrange to do some outdoor activities like exercises inside your home.

Stay Active

Instead of adopting a sedentary lifestyle when the rains arrive, try moving around. Engaging yourself in a number of physical activities helps to generate heat and improves the flexibility of the joint and muscles. While you want to avoid spending the entire day outside, you do not have to decrease your physical activity during colder months.

You can prevent aching joints by exercising daily inside your home. Your workout routine can go a long way in improving your health and reducing body pains. Lack of exercise leads to stiffness of the joints and stiffness in turn results in severe pains. Hence people who experience pains in their joints during the cold weather are advised to come up with an indoor exercise plan that will enable them to flex their joints.

Use Heat Therapy

When you feel pains in your joints, heat therapy can provide relief by normalizing your body temperature and reducing cramps. Swimming in heated pools, taking a warm bath or shower as well as using heat packs can help to free up stiff joints. Warming the body improves blood flow and increases the elasticity of the tissue allowing for free movement of the joints.

If you are one of those people who experience the discomforting impact of cold on the joints, you need to plan ahead and make allowances before the rains come. With proper care, you can manage and control the level of pain you feel.