Gardening is very therapeutic and makes you eat healthy due to the vegetables you get from your garden. Most people think you need a lot of space to garden but that is not true. The small space in your back yard might just be enough to try a little gardening. All you need is some seeds and basic gardening tools to start.

As beneficial as gardening is, some people perceive it as very daunting. It also requires lots of tools and gadgets. This is some of the few reasons people shy away from gardening. But you should know that it is not necessary to have all the tools you see displayed for gardening. As a beginner gardener, you only need three essential gardening tools.

These gardening tools are essential because gardeners use them more often than the others. Also, you cannot easily replace them to use something else in their place. The garden doesn’t come out as well as when you make use of these gardening tools.

Basic Gardening Tools

Some basic gardening tools for beginners include; spades hoes and trowels. As a beginner, the variety of tools available for gardening might overwhelm you, but you need to first get familiar with these basic tools. All tools have their specific needs but these are more essential. The right essential gardening tools would help you in keeping a beautiful and healthy garden.

Here are the 3 basic essential tools you need to start gardening;


Trowels are essential gardening tools with a scoop-like pointed blade. Gardeners use them to dig holes, for planting, mixing soil, weeding, and separating compacted dirt in the soil etc. The scoop-like blade of the trowel is longer than the blade of a spade. This shape makes it convenient to move soil and lift small plants from the soil for transplanting.

Basic gardening tools


A spade is one of the essential tools used for gardening. Gardeners use it to move soil and dig through the soil. Shades are often mistaken for shovel because of their similar shape. A shovel has a curved blade that is appropriate for scooping soil. However, a spade has a rectangular blade that allows it dig through the soil. Spades are also used to make edges along a garden bed and to plant holes. The pointed tip of the spade is convenient for breaking up weeds or sods and digging up plants for transplanting. Spades with a slick metal surface are your best choice because soil and dirt do not stick to it and when they do, it comes off easily.

Gardening Rake

Gardening rakes are very important because, after all the tilling and digging of the soil, you need a tool to loosen and soothe the soil. The garden rake gets rid of every clumped soil on the ridges. When the soil is loosened your plants get refreshed faster because the soil nutrients travel faster. After digging up the soil for planting, it is going to look rough, unkempt and unattractive if it is not evened to some extent. The only tool that can give you that flare of smoothness is the garden rake.  

There are so many other essential gardening tools; like pruners, hoes, wheelbarrows etc. But these are the basic gardening beginners tools that every beginner needs.