Marijuana is been increasingly and widely used for it therapeutic and medicinal benefits. More and more States are legalizing the use of marijuana. Yet the general population is just discovering the varieties of the cannabis flower. This article details the 3 top best marijuana of 2017.

Best Marijuana Seed

Marijuana strains are an ever-evolving product. Every year, what makes the “best” strains stand out changes. Connoisseurs typically weight the judgment on several attributes. One is potency, whether the strain provides a body and/or a mind high. Another attribute is how people consume the herb. And lastly is a little bit of background information on its horticulture. The “best of the best” lists are constantly being updated because cultivators are continually upping their game. Marijuana is stronger than it’s ever been. With strains hitting over 35% THC, potency is only increasing year to year.

Best Marijuana

Cultivators create the best marijuana strains with the connoisseur in mind. But what good is a fantastic strain when it doesn’t receive the attention and recognition it deserves? To help bring these fantastic plants to the limelight, we’ve done deep research into what this year’s top three strains are. Without further ado, here is our top three marijuana strains selection of 2017.

Nova OG

This strain is cultivated by crossing popular strains of Stardawg Guava, an award-winning sativa from the Denver Cannabis Cup, and a cross of OG and Diesel. Manali West designed Nova OG for high potency almost exclusively. Not your average gardening project, indeed! In fact, experts believe it to be the highest testing strain of cannabis for THC content in history. It comes in at a massive 35.6%. Cultivators designed Nova OG to be smoked, and the massive THC content produces a huge heady high.

Pink Starburst

Another product from Manali West gets its name from the pink hue it gives off. The plant is gardened for about 60 days before it is ready for harvesting, giving way for a 32.49% THC content to develop. The parent types of Pink Starburst require an intricate crossing between Blueberry by DJ Short, Underdog OG’s Headband, and Sour Diesel. The intricacy comes from the need to backcross the strain on itself not once, not twice, but three times! The result is a delicious strain that embodies indica growth patterns. It’s truly a pleasure to smoke. It is said to provide an uplifting even high for the body and mind.

Best Cannabis

Cannabis Plant

Chiquita Banana

The talented Utopia Farms cultivate Chiquita Banana. It this bud has been on the receiving end of an impressive string of awards. Being one of the best marijuana due to its sweet, tropical flavor and extremely potent THC content at an impressive 33.5%. This cannabis strain is cultivated by combining the real OG, OG Kush, with Banana. The result is a delicious, sweet take on a traditional strain. While smokers of Chiquita Banana report a pretty even high, the name of the strain practically begs to be used in edibles!