Growing herbs in winter require more care and effort. Winter is not the optimal natural season for growing anything. Nevertheless, there are herbs that can thrive and yield a successful harvest in the winter. Those best winter herbs can survive harsh cold weather with proper and conscious care. This post briefly presents some winter gardening tips and the perfect herbs to grow and feed-on during this season

Best Winter Herbs

1. Chervil

Chervil is a special herb that prefers a weather that’s cool and less of sunlight. It is delicate in nature, with its fern-like leaves which makes it looks attractive.

2. Rosemary

Rose is one of the few perennial herbs you can find around. This means that you can grow it all year round and it can defend itself from getting punctured by icy temperatures.

3. Thyme

Thyme is a stressful herb to cultivate. However, it grows better in winter seasons. It makes a bushy, small pot plant and gets better when you pick more of its leaves.

4. Parsley

This plant shouldn’t be underestimated for no reason. It has a more resilient virtue than you can ever imagine. In very cold climate conditions, they will hide under the ground to remain safe and fruitful.

5. Sage

Sage, unlike thyme, needs more nurturing because its growth seems to be slower than others as the leaves become smaller during the winter season.


6. Mint

Mint is a very strong herb, almost like thyme. If you have grown this plant before, you would have noticed that it takes over the planter space and so, it should be planted in a separate planter pot.

7. Oregano

Oregano is a very robust winter herb that grows in cold season because it can easily withstand the frost of winter. The more harvest made from oregano, the bigger it grows.

8. Winter savory

There is a similar flavor of the winter savory that resembles thyme, but winter savory leaves an element of tang around itself. It’s used for making great meals like beef at home.

Best Winter Herbs

9. Hyssop

Although this herb has a low popularity, it can grow very strong in cold weather, in pots. It comes with an attraction of bushy and spiky blue flowers.

10. Basil

Basil is another popular best winter herbs you can find around the planet. It is used for seasoning and flavoring around the world. There are different varieties of basil herbs are in different regions, cold or tropical.

11. Yarrow

Yarrow is a perennial herb, it’s also hardy. It makes a cute pot plant design with its unique pink leaves like a feather.

12. Bay

Bay is also a perennial herb that performs better with the container method in gardens. You just have to place the container facing the window in the west-or-east direction.

13. Tarragon

For Tarragon to perform better, it requires you to place it indoors, especially during winter season. It is more common in the Asian world, as a spicy ingredient for frying or cooking.

14. Sorrels

Sorrel has a sour and strong lemon flavor. When cooked, it forms a classic combination with salmon and eggs. It is easily grown in containers.

15. Chives

Chives are perfect for salads or snipped in various soups. It can also be added as a garnish to different kind of dishes. It is very easy to grow chives during winter seasons because it requires not more than three or four hours of sunlight a week, preferably in damp soils.

Final note

If you decide to introduce indoor gardening during falls, start with already established plants. This will help them to continuously grow indoors even in winter, thereby producing quicker. Before winter herbs can be used or harvested, it will require more time and attention.