Don’t be down … light up!

As winter is fast approaching, my fashion sense seems to diminish. As moody and gloomy the weather may insist to be, so is how I feel inside.  However, I am normally a happy, chatty and peppy girl; hence, I refuse to allow this autumn/winter season to beat me down. What to do?(my Korean friends will ask).

It is December now, the month of the color red, green, and white, if not yellow.  The colors I mostly see people wearing out are grey, brown, and black. Not because they like it. Just that it is convenient and seems appropriate for the weather.

Me on the other hand, I love green and blue. Not any kind of green nor blue. Just candy green and sky blue. The colors that symbolize sunny and happy- just like summer.

It is not because it is winter that you have to abstain from using happy colors or bright colors. My advice is to wear your favorite colors – in Season or not, just accessorize them with oversized coats and a scarf. A great start this morning. Send me pics of what you are wearing this season.