Planting and growing your own food is as important as eating them. Wherever you may live, in the city or out in the country, there is always a way for you to take advantage of nature’s blessings by planting and growing your own food. Drought tolerant fruit tree plants are desert breeds. These plants excel in dry climates like any plant would in a favorable rainy climate. Thus, home food growers living in the SouthEast USA, Texas, Nevada, California, Australia, etc still can grow a lot of food on their own.

Here is a short list of the best types of trees that grow in a desert climate.

Moringa Tree

This healthy green drought tolerant fruit tree is the secret sauce for gardeners because it provides a whole year round with edible leaves that are rich in useful minerals and vitamins that our bodies need as well as edible flowers and seed pods.

Fig Tree

Fig tree survives well in desert climates. Some varieties of this drought-tolerant fruit tree excel better in hot climates. But in general, figs are perfect breeds for dry regions.

Jujube Tree

This is a rare tree in the continental US. No many cultivators know about this tree. Its fruit looks like small apples and has a spongy texture with a sweet taste. Jujube store really well, especially if they are dehydrated properly. Jujube tree often sends out runners and so growing this tree is not really much of a hassle especially if the tree has already settled in its roots.

Date Palms

This ancient tree has been around the desert for ages. Dates have been proven to a good source of food for its growers and consumers. This drought-tolerant fruit tree yields a couple of hundred pounds of fruit every year.

drought tolerant fruit tree

Being scarce of water, desertic places are hostile for plants and trees of all types. But if you put in the initial work such as: using mulch from leaves, straw, and wood chips; knowing soil enhancers that help retain more moisture and water longer; Then you can turn every desert patch you own into your very own food oasis.

The more you grow your own food the more you will experience the wonders of consuming truly healthy foods. In addition, you will have a first-hand experience of the great things that natural, unprocessed, and organic food does to our bodies. These drought tolerant fruit tree plants may be very unfamiliar to some. However, they are much popular in tropical and desertic regions.

Year after year more and more people that choose to live the healthy wilderner way, swear testament to the great effects that this healthy holistic lifestyle has brought not only to their bodies but to their minds as well.