A lot of people are working hard at their various jobs. They are working towards maximizing profits and giving top notch customer services and relationship. Employees are also making their jobs easier and faster in the possible way ever. But then, there are some people lackadaisical to the responsibilities required of them at work. Most times, the two categories of persons described above, earn the same pay. This is why many employers are harnessing creative skills, through performance review, with which they can figure out who is more deserving of what.

One of such skill is the taking notes and assessment in the compilation of a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly review. However, the case may be, there are many effective ways in which employers achieve this aim. To have the best performance review from your boss could also earn you a high pay increase.  You must be abreast of exactly what your boss would likely be looking out for. Here, I’ll share with you some common tips your bosses may likely be looking out for.

Universal performance review tips

We know that reviews vary from the various types of jobs and positions a worker holds in a firm, but some of these reviews are universal, and with foreknowledge of them, you can work diligently in that direction and hit the right spot on your bosses mark. Some of these universal tips are:


One of the most important things to note about any job position you hold is the exact aim of why exactly your company hired you. The exact job you applied for has a specific or series of specific aims. Knowing this and setting a target towards achieving the best result is the goal. To score high points by your boss’s books, make your goals your mission for the year. Keep a detailed diary to record your track process, set daily objectives with effective time management and keep records of how well you performed daily. Try to stylishly get an impression or opinion of your job from your boss. Also, update your goals to reflect any changes in your role. If after a while doing all these, you begin getting regularly complimented or tipped, know you’re doing something right and keep it up. Keep expanding on these ideas and be creative.

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Open-mindedness to learning and improvement

No matter how skilled or knowledgeable you might be about a particular job, always show interest in additional training. You may not have access to some of the tools or training necessary to efficiently carry out a job. That you make, the request or demand provision for these would give your employer an insight you’re willing to improve the quality of the job required of you to do. Additional training will give you additional experience and even make you more valuable to the organization. It would also prepare you better for the next step in your career.

Get Involved

Most workers tend to miss out on important opportunities to maximize their chances of getting good performance review and a chance at high pay increase because they do not devote any effort to participate in their performance review. Getting involved may be directly impossible, especially for some bosses who are rigid or strict. But you can to participate indirectly is possible and beneficial to every worker. Asking questions about exactly what your employer requires of you from your job. Finding out what exactly your boss is looking out for, what they would appreciate from you and other things along this same line, would most likely give you an insight to the key areas they would be looking out for to assess your performance, and then, you can focus on giving it your best.

With these few tips, business is sure to grow. Customers, clients, and patronizers keep flocking in, thus making extra profit for your firm. This would earn you more attention, tips, promotion, good reviews, experience and a high increase in pay amongst other things.