Holidays are around the corner and as we celebrate the season, it is customary to make food a huge part of our merriment. In the joy of the moment, some inappropriate consumptions can be done and this may cause food digestion problems. We have easy tips to follow for prevention and fast relief. Here are some of the ways you can prevent and treat holiday food digestion problems.

Common food digestion problems

  • Prevent and treat acid reflux and indigestion

The stress of busy living added to inappropriate eating time lead to unhealthy eating habits. Habits which include not allowing enough time to eat, eating while standing up or laying down,  eating late hours etc. All these usually provoke indigestion and GERD.

  • Prevent and treat farting and bloating

What an embarrassing condition to have during the festive period when people are always together celebrating and eating! You can prevent it by obeying your stomach and eating just enough for your body to digest. If you find yourself farting continuously, stop taking in sugar and carbonated soda, use peppermint oil.

Digestive system

food digestion problems

  • Prevent and treat constipation

This is another food digestion problems associated with uncontrolled eating. To prevent it, eat foods rich in fiber, drink lots of water as stated earlier and never try to suppress the urge to visit the toilet. In case you get constipated, rest your legs on a low stool when defecating to help you pass it out easier, take painkillers for the discomfort. You can also use laxatives to help you pass out stool.

  • Prevent and treat hemorrhoids

Another common spoiler of festivities, it is caused mostly by irregular bowel movements which is a digestion problem. Take preventive measures such as getting enough exercise, avoid putting pressure on your bowels, and eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

Treatment includes keeping the anal area clean by bathing and gently patting it dry, about using dry toilet paper, use ice packs to reduce the swelling, get over the counter creams and apply as instructed in the manual, also try regular painkillers to ease the discomfort.

*Bonus Tip: Regularly consuming Jello is also an effective way to avoid stomach virus, constipation, and hemorrhoids!

Food poisoning

The eating habits of the festive season make one prone to food poisoning. To prevent this from happening always make sure you wash your hands, cook food thoroughly, and maintain other hygienic practices. If you or a loved one has fallen to the ailment, let them avoid solid food until vomiting ends. Have them eat light food when vomiting dissipates. Drink oral rehydration solution if the vomiting lasts more than a day and call a Doctor if the issue lasts over three days.

Home Remedies

  • Use the warm water bottle treatment

This is a protective measure to keep the liver safe from any hazards during the characteristic careless consumptions of the festive season.

This treatment gives the liver some heat to make up for the ones lost due to overworking.

Lie down and place a warm wet towel on the lower right side of your rib, then balance a bottle of warm water on the towel. Occasionally doing this will keep your liver in top shape. The treatment will make you sleepy so know the right time to do it.

  • Finally, Drink lots of water

As you devour festive food and beverages, don’t forget to drink a lot of water. This will help to clear your digestive system and aid metabolism. The Institute of Health recommends that women consume 2.7 liters of water daily, while men should take in 3.7 liters.