Tips to gain weight fast

With all the talk of an obesity crisis and everyone being worried about how overweight people are, it’s almost become forgotten that there are underweight people too, and that being underweight can be just as unhealthy as being overweight. To gain weight fast can also feel a lot more difficult than losing it, especially when dealing with health problems and disorders that make it difficult. Here’s how you can safely gain weight fast in a healthy and effective manner.

Change Your Eating Habits

As an underweight person, you may find that you feel full faster. This is one of the reasons it can be so difficult to gain weight back. Rather than eating two or three large meals you could never hope to finish, it’s better to eat five or six small meals. If you feel full faster than just eat a little more. Eat small meals many times a day.

Avoid drinking things like coffee and diet soda as these have very few calories and even less nutritional value. Start drinking smoothies and shakes made from fruit, or consider liquid meal replacements. When you drink is also important. Drinking before you have something to eat might spoil your appetite. Sip high-calorie drinks while having your meal, or drink something half an hour after eating.

Consider Nutrition To Gain Weight Fast

Nutrition is the most important aspect of managing your weight; whether you’re looking to lose or gain weight. Eat nutrient-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain pasta, cereal and bread, dairy products, nuts, seeds, and lean protein sources such as fish and chicken.

gain weight fast

Avoid eating processed foods as much as you can. They have a lot of fat in them – which will cause some weight gain – but they have almost no nutritional value. They aren’t worth it. They’re also so fatty that they could make you sick if you’re underweight and don’t have the stomach for them.

Supplement your Diet

There’s a supplement for just about everything. Whether you’re looking to improve your health and fitness, build muscle, lose weight, or gain weight fast; there is a supplement out there for you. Appetite building supplements are the best choice for gaining weight; especially if you are underweight because of appetite problems. One of the best appetite building supplements on the market right now is Apetamin.

Apetamin is made from a unique blend of lysine, cyproeptadine, and vitamins. Lysine and cyproeptadine promote appetite, while the vitamins in the supplement aid the body in absorbing the other two key ingredients. The supplement is completely safe for use and there are many reviews of people claiming to have found success using the supplement. Individual results may vary of course, but all signs suggest Apetamin can be trusted.


As dangerous as being overweight is, you should never underestimate the dangers of being underweight such as a lack of energy and a compromised immune system. The best ways to overcome being underweight are eating more often, being more mindful of what you eat, and using supplements to push your weight gain efforts to the next level.