Maca and Apetamin to increase breast, hips, and butt size

Just like weight loss, the journey of gaining weight is also tough. Or you can say that it requires more struggle because skinny people just don’t get fat by overeating. They have to eat more than their capacity to increase breast, hips, and butt size. However, same as obese people have supplements and other products to help them lose weight. Here we also have the two most popular supplements that can help skinny people to put on some weight.

Yes, we are talking about Maca Root and Apetamin! Both ingredients help increase breast, hips, and butt size and weight gain overall. They are beneficial for skinny people who wish to gain weight fast.

increase breast, hips, and butt size


Maca root is a plant originally known as Lepidium Meyenii. It is mainly grown in the mountains of Peru under harsh conditions. Now, Maca is rich in benefits and the most common one is weight gain. However, the primary focus of Maca Root is not only weight gain, in fact, but it also has many other benefits to it too. Especially, it is highly nutritious, and it has a lot of carbs in it. People have been using Maca root capsules, and powder to increase breast, hips, and butt size and the results are amazing. For optimal results, user the powder form that has more content of Maca per amount. Also, you can add the power to your shakes or food. Anthony’s Organic Maca Root Powder is one of the best out there, gelatinized and non-gelatinized.

Maca is just like a nutritional powerhouse. it has fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids in it.  Which is why it is beneficial in a lot of ways. But how does it promote weight gain? Well, it is simple. Maca helps in weight gain by filling breasts, hips, and butts especially when it comes to skinny women, Maca root is highly effective. What actually happens is that Maca balances the hormones of a body and it produces a large amount of estrogen, estrogen is responsible for storing fat in the body. When women who have low estrogen levels take Maca root, their body starts to show results and their hips and breasts start increasing due to the fat storage.


Apetamin, on the other hand, is also a very effective supplement when it comes to weight gain and to increase breast, hips, and butt size. This supplement increases appetite because its constituents trigger hunger. Also, keep in mind that Apetamin is for weight gain and not to increase muscle size and strength. Apetamin helps by simply increasing your appetite and it develops a constant urge in a person to eat more and more. Now there are many vendors and supplier of Apetamin out there. Make sure you do your research and buy one that is safe for consumption.

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What actually happens is that Apetamin causes dopamine levels in the brain to increase. Dopamine is directly linked to happiness, concentration, and satisfaction. People mostly feel more hungry when they are happy as compared to when they are sad. We have all heard of it that when a person is sad or depressed, he or she face some serious loss of appetite. And on the contrary, when a person is happy, they eat more! So, this is the basic trick of amphetamine that triggers weight gain.

Overall, Maca roots, and Apetamin both are effective if you want to gain weight and increase breast, hips, and butt size. However, Maca root is better because it has no side effects. In addition, Apetamin increases your appetite to a large extent and also increases your body fat excessively. The solution if you what quick results will be to use Apetamin for a short period only then continue with Maca root only.