Everyone wants to ensure that they have a fun and happy Christmas. However, but the costs of presents and decorations quickly pile up. Starting your own traditions is a great way to bring the family together, and some of them are free. Here are some inexpensive Christmas traditions to help you save money during the holiday season.

Put Hand-prints on a Christmas Tree Skirt

You can get a skirt for your Christmas tree for as little as $8, and it makes for a great tradition. Just place hand-prints on the skirt each year, with the name of the person and the year the prints were made. In a few years’ time, you’ll have something that looks beautiful and tells the story of how your family has grown each year.

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

Many families go out to enjoy the lights that other families put up. You can turn this into one of your free Christmas traditions by turning it into an adventure. Put together a list of common decorations and take the kids out to enjoy the lights with a game thrown in for free.

Put Together a Box of Things for the Night Before Christmas

You want to put together a box filled with some small things to wear such as slippers and games to play as the family anticipates the arrival of Santa. Putting together this box and enjoying the things in it is a great bonding experience and one of many wonderful inexpensive Christmas traditions.

Make Hope Notes

This is a tradition that begins as Christmas winds up. As you’re packing your stockings away, get each member of the family to write a note of what they hope to happen by the time Christmas rolls around next year. Put the hope note in a stocking ready for next year. This gives you a great way to reflect on the year and see if anyone’s wishes came true.

Make a Snowman Out of a White Door

Save money during the holiday season by turning your white door into a snowman. Get the kids involved by having them choose which door to decorate. You’re guaranteed some Christmas cheer whether you have a white Christmas or not with this fun cheap Christmas tradition.

Write a Letter to a Soldier

Plenty of kids write letters to Santa, so why not switch it up a little and encourage your children to write a letter to a soldier as well? Have them express their gratitude to the men and women overseas with the help of charities such as Operation Gratitude. They make it easy for you to send soldiers a thank you note and even some presents, which is sure to brighten their day given that they likely won’t be with their own family for the holidays.


While a gift-free Christmas or a decoration-free Christmas might not sound very fun, there are lots of things you can do cheap, if not for free, to ensure that the family has a lot of fun over the holiday period. Start some new traditions and save money during the holiday season.