With the fitness advocacy all over the media, in this day and age, it feels somewhat wrong not to be involved in any sort of fitness training at all. When it comes to ladies, we all want toned abs, firm thighs, and of course, beautiful bottoms. So how do you even get started and get consistent at it? Certain confident women have been helpful by posting their squat regimens on their Instagram squat fitness account so that every follower of theirs can benefit from it. These ladies will cause you to get off that couch and work for the body you so desire. Most of them post on a daily basis and it’s cool to open your Instagram account in the morning and have some fun squatting. You should follow them too.

Below is a list of 11 Instagram Squat Fitness accounts:


The “official” Instagram account for squat lovers. One look at the Instagram page and you will not just keep hoping to have toned thighs, abs, and awesome booty; you would also get out of your comfort zone and off into the gym


Another popular Instagram squat fitness popular account. The fan base that has already benefitted from constant workouts. In addition, they regularly share pictures to motivate others; especially beginners.


This account is mainly for motivation purpose. It shows before and after pictures and success stories. The transformation is about having a more prominent booty after a season of squat exercises.


Quick and on-the-go workout videos. Enthusiastic Instagram squat fitness account when it comes to workout motivation, powerlifting, and weightlifting.


This woman has such a cute bum, and any woman would just want to have one like hers. She posts consistently and she keeps her followers posted per week with her gym routine and how they should go about squatting. Therefore, she would be a total inspiration for your booty goals.


This account focuses on butt, hips, and breast weight gain. It Also shares transformation and motivation posts.


Fashion and Beauty blogger who squats regularly and serves a motivation to her Instagram followers.


A model who is also a fitness and sports enthusiast. Her regularly post on Instagram squat fitness page gives enough motivation to get off to the gym to work out.


Magazine about gardening and weight gain. Occasionally shares fitness quotes and motivation posts to keep you going.


Shane Maree takes out time to inspire people daily. She gives a wide variety of inspiration. She is a mother and she also doubles as a transformation guru (online fitness coach and a diet creator). This makes it easier to help her followers keep fit.


she is a certified fitness trainer who posts regularly to encourage her followers to reach their fitness goals.

Amount the multiples Instagram squat fitness (and what not) account, we found the aforementioned account to be most helpful when it comes to motivation. Moreover, the list is not exclusive at all! There are sure some more accounts that fit better your personality type. However, these for sure are the must-follow Instagram squat fitness accounts.

Have fun squatting!!!