The word fasting implies the idea of staying without food for a very long period of time. However, the term intermittent fasting implies a more strategic fasting. For optimal intermittent fasting benefits, the main idea is to have a restricted calorie intake in between the cycle. The most popular concept works on the principle of 5:2. This means avoiding calories intake on two consecutive days. And then, eating food without any calories restraints for a period of five days.

Intermittent fasting benefits

Fasting improves the health of every individual and extends their life period. Thus intermittent fasting benefits include better general physical and mental health. This is possible because fasting has an impact on the functioning of the cells and other hormones.

Studies showed that intermittent fasting benefits include lower risks of having heart disease, diabetes, or health problems like cancer in future. During the process of fasting, many old cells die and the stem cells are turned on. The stem cells then start off with the regeneration process that then gives rise to new cells that are young and more effective. Also, intermittent fasting helps people get used to the idea of self-control.

intermittent fasting benefits

Intermittent fasting benefits are for general health and weight loss. However while it might work for one group of people or one individual, it might not work for some other people as well. Every individual has a different bodily structure, so the requirements also vary. Intermittent fasting benefits cannot help on its own. People need to start making healthy choices and start incorporating vegetables and fruits into their diets. They should pick healthy options that can give them healthy calories.

Fasting sounds like a piece of cake. But then people face a lot of dilemmas when the cravings start, especially during the midnight hour. Cravings can force an individual to eat all the things they should not eat or the food avoided through throughout. Therefore, every person should not expect the same response out of this concept as every human being has different needs and requirements.