In between a novel title and a circus performer, there is a wilderner, gardener, lover of nature, healthy eating, and tea! named “the tea charmer”. A quick glance through her Facebook profile says she’s all about. Her profile will also show what you would want to learn concerning herbal tea, spices, or edible flowers.

‘The Tea Charmer’ takes pride in being an urban farm girl. She is based in Montreal, Canada from where she actively shares with the world her farm world. A look through her Instagram profile @theteacharmer shows an array of colorful photos of different foods. she has and immense following base both on Instagram and Face book. Followers with whom she actively engages with. If the comments are anything to go by people are quite fascinated by the various herbs, herbal drinks, flowers and other foods that she posts for them to see.

The Tea Charmer aka Katie practices vertical farming where she grows quite a number of plant varieties. From vegetables such as beetroots and rhubarb to fruits such a strawberries and lime. Spices such as cloves and pepper amongst others are also plentyful in her garden. She also grows herbs that she uses to make herbal tea.

It is from these diverse plants that the tea charmer conceives recipes for all her herbal teas. Amongst other benefits, herbal teas have antioxidant properties and a lot of health benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels, treating fevers, and fighting cancer.

Being a gardener is something the tea charmer not only enjoys but also uses as a platform from which she shares with the world nutrition and wellness ideas.

wilderner katie

The Tea Charmer

Growing your own food gives a sense of security, since this shields from any contaminated or genetically modified foods. Having a home garden is also economically friendly. Farming in an urban area brings into consideration innovation and the use of modern technology such as vertical farming.