You can gain weight and at the same time keep belly flat and toned. However, it is not possible to build up your muscle mass without gaining a bit of fat. Changing your diet can favor belly fat reduction. Nutritious and high-calorie foods like whole grain cereal can enable you to achieve muscle mass without an increase in fat weight. Avoidance of refined foods and saturated fats are also helpful in keeping your stomach flat.

Things that will help you maintain and keep belly flat

Consumption of lean proteins such as chicken, fish, egg whites and mono-saturated fatty acids can increase your muscle mass. Fruits and vegetables are also essential if you want to keep belly flat. Besides being smart about your meals, abdominal exercises can help you maintain tight and flat tummy. Squats, bench presses, dips, lifts and other activities that lead to the forceful contraction of your abdomen are useful to keep belly flat.

Crunches and sit-ups are useful for training your stomach. However, you can keep your belly flat without many abdominal exercises. The following tips will help you to maintain toned and tight belly with little abs workouts.

Waist training

You can have a slender look with the aid of a waist training vest. Using such product will enable you to keep belly flat and toned if you gain weight. You can achieve your reduction goal by wearing a steel boned corset.


Though wearing corset-like garment cannot get rid of belly fat; it will make you appear slimmer. This waist trainer redistributes fat from the abdominal region, making your waist trimmer. Combining a corset with abs exercises can enable you to keep a flat stomach while you gain weight. You can also adopt a healthy eating habit to avoid saturated fats and cut down on calories.

Latex waist cinchers

This vest flattens your tummy and trims your waistline. Choose a compression level that is comfortable and can give you the shape you desire. Wearing a waist cincher during your workouts will give you a better result. However, wearing such tight-fitting garment can limit your intake of food. So eat small portions, go for side dishes such as nut butter, hummus, smoothies, etc if you are on a journey to gain weight.

Avoid gaseous drinks

Intake of gases from other sources can lead to distended belly. Carbonated beverages contain gases and sipping a bottle with a straw can introduce more gas into the body. Limit intake of soda or you can replace the fizzy drinks with water or juice to prevent bloating. Also, minimize chewing gums and sucking on candies. Drink more water get to hydrate yourself. Sufficient fluids can help you get rid of bloat.

Add fiber to your diet

Cereals and other foods that contain fiber facilitate elimination of solid wastes from the body. They prevent constipation and eventually distended belly by drawing water into the colon. You can use over the counter laxatives to relieve constipation. However, prolonged use of such substances can decrease bowel function. It can also lead to dependency.

Salting dished food can puff up your belly as sodium increases water retention. Avoid such unhealthy habit. However, eating potatoes, bananas, and other foods that contain potassium can remove excess water from your body. Increasing the intake of this mineral will help keep flat belly and flatten your tummy. In addition to the above tips, strengthening the abdominal muscles can through workouts can tone your belly.