“I don’t regret my meat eating days. In fact, I feel that it helped me cook outside of my vegetarian box”

These are the words of plant food poet, a gardener, and a full-time vegan. A quick look through her Instagram profile tells nothing less but a story full of flavor, color, and richness in the diversities of plant based food. She tells of her transformation journey from rejecting meat as a child to traveling the world and meeting diverse people with different cultures and trying different cuisines. With the experiences came life-defining events from which today she vibrantly shares out through her photography and recipes.

Leana grew up with a vegetarian mother. Her mother had many vegetarian books and a garden where they grew food. After traveling the world, she learned the diversities of food. This knowledge was further increased when she moved to Berkeley and got exposed to more exotic cuisines and met different people with diverse cultures.

With much encouragement from friends and family members including her parents Leana put up a website where she posts her recipes and dining experiences.

She takes delight in being a vegan in California the wine country. Being a vegan to plant food poet seems to be not only something she enjoys doing but also something she is willing to pass to her boys. Actually, she says she has passed on the hippy mantle unto them.


Plant Food Poet

“If music be the food of love, play on.” ~William Shakespeare