Lotion applicators are relatively small, handheld, non-motorized devices. Vendors designed them to do just as the name suggests, apply lotion to the body. People use lotion applicators to apply lotion over hard-to-reach places such as the back, ankles and the back of feet. It is also used to gently massage sore muscles. We based our lotion applicator review on the average buyer experience.

Lotion Applicator Review

This tool is very convenient and much-needed for the injured, pregnant, people with limited mobility, or people who simply have difficulties reaching some parts of the body. Many retailers stock this item, and it is available for sale in many different form and style. However, is the tool useful and problem solving as it claims? We researched the buyer’s opinion on the matter.

Five-Star Rating

Out of a 5-star rating, the average rating for the lotion applicator across platforms is a 3.5. Despite the average star rating indicating that most people felt okay with the item, the rating insights show polarized feedbacks. The majority of the customers who gave their opinion gave a 5-star rating meaning they loved it. Interestingly, the second highest number of reviewers is of those who gave only 1 star meaning they hated it.

Buyers Feedback

Most buyers said they read the reviews before making the decision to buy the lotion applicator. They were impressed by how smoothly the item applied lotion, and they were happy with their purchase. Some lotion applicators are designed so that users would be able to detach the pieces. This makes the tool easy to clean, and purchasers were impressed and praised it for that. Additionally, the handle has a strap by which you can hang it for easy storage.

Positives lotion applicator review

One buyer was quite happy with how she was now able to reach her back saying the handle was long enough to reach places previously hard for her to reach. Another particular customer humorously says she bo

ught it for her boyfriend. He then left her since he was now finally able to apply lotion over his back and didn’t need her anymore. This reviewer gave a positive feedback as the lotion applicator performed well according to her.

Average lotion applicator review

There were those customers who weren’t quite really impressed, but still thought the item was okay. For instance, a particular customer said he didn’t like the quality of materials used to make it terming them as cheap, but would still continue to use it until he got a better one. Some customers noted that the product was not ‘as seen on TV’ some online retailers claimed. These retailers also did a poor job with packaging and shipping. Some reviewers believed that the product they received was counterfeit and not the genuine product.

Lotion Applicator Review

Another buyer said it was hard for her to get lotion into the carrier and would on only manage after much struggle. One user thought the lotion applicator was o

nly working well with thick lotions but was messy with thin lotions. However, to this group, the lotion applicator did its job despite the shortcomings they highlighted.

Negative lotion applicator review

The product completely unimpressed some, who didn’t like it at all. The majority of these hated it because of what they thought was a poor quality lotion applicator. For example, there were those who complained that the balls would come off just after a couple of times usage or would not roll at all.

Others complained that the handle would come off regularly and unexpectedly. In some cases, the handle broke. A certain customer said that it cracked and broke into pieces after accidentally dropping it which was after only a week’s usage. Some others also complained that the applicator was scraping their skin which was painful to them


The Remedy Roll-a-Lotion Applicator review reveals that buyers both loved and hated it. However, the number of those who love it is higher than the number of people who think otherwise. And all agreed the price was worth the try.