The sky above the Arctic wilderness at the far northern end of the globe lights up in dazzling colors. Though old as history, this occurrence has attracted people in the past. It exists in the folklore and legends of many cultures found in the northern hemisphere. You can view the Northern Light or Aurora Borealis from different locations. However, Norway is among the places with the most extended viewing season. You can plan a fun holiday trip to Norway to observe the sky green light.

Where to view the Northern Light

Thousands of people travel to view the Northern lights. This migration led to an increase in Norway tourism. The Norway Northern Light gives tourists the chance to visit the snowy lands at the end of the globe. The glowing sky results from the collision of charged particles from solar storms and molecules of nitrogen and oxygen. The colors of the light change depending on whether the collision is between the sun’s particles and nitrogen or oxygen molecules.

Due to the accessibility of the Arctic polar region, many people visit the area to observe the brilliant hues that appear in the sky. The Northern lights can show for about half an hour before it will reappear some hours later. They are visible to the naked eye during the winter. However, you can view the colors with a kaleidoscope at other times of the year.

There are several locations in Norway from where you can observe the sky green light. However, Svalbard is the best spot. This island is at the Arctic Circle. Its higher latitude gives you the opportunity to observe the Norway Northern lights. Tourists take flights from Oslo to reach Longyearbyen the significant settlement on the island. Accommodations are available at hotels in this location at affordable prices.

Northern Light Best seasons

Norway tourism experience influx of visitors between October and March when the lights are visible. However, many tourists visit between mid-November and January to experience the Polar Night. Usually, the island has no daylight during this period. The situation gives the tourists a better opportunity to see the Northern lights. Beyond the three months without sunlight, the sight of polar bears, spot reindeer, and walrus can make the scenery beautiful. The sky green light will make your winter stay in Norway worthwhile.

The Norway Northern light fascinates people. Travelling to Svalbard will allow you to have a better view of the glowing sky above the Arctic snowy lands. Besides the sky green light, Norway tourism can boast of other attractions. Travelers can have fun and enjoy a memorable experience in this area of northern lights and snow-capped mountain peaks.

Plan a vacation or holiday trip to Norway to benefit from the natural and cultural wonders of the nation. The efficient transport system allows you access the attractions without difficulty. Whether by coastal steamers, road or rail, you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries while in transit. Some of these spectacular sights include the Geirangerfjord, Lillehammer, Jotunheimen, and Atlantic Ocean Road. These attractions attract tourists whose spending has benefitted Norway. You can plan a holiday trip to this nation to have a feel of its wonders.