Original Halloween Costumes

Halloween is considered a fun time but can be stressing, especially when you can never find original Halloween costumes. There is a lot of pressure to make or find the perfect Halloween gear for yourself or your family. To ease your quest, we have collected fifteen original Halloween costumes and ideas. They are inspired by Mother Nature and you can find them on Amazon.

1. Plants Vs Zombies Slippers for Halloween Parties Costume

Comfy, simple, Halloween theme slippers. Wear them for errands, parties, or just to stay home. Perfect birthday gift idea for your besties.

2. Day of Dead Women Halloween Flower Crown Mask with Black Veil

Original Halloween mask! The plastic will crack or dent after a few uses – but it will stand out when you first wear it. It might seem a bit creepy, but what’s Halloween for?

3. Goofy Gorilla Halloween Costume

Mothers everywhere wishing to have a baby gorilla that will grow big and strong. This costume fits for Halloween but can also be of use during colder winter. Also looks great in pictures.

4. Robin Hood Costume

You will be impressed with the general visual achieved Robin Hood Costume. It is simple in construction with super light theatrical quality that requires no modifications. Perfect for kids, teens, and adults.

5. Women’s Alluring Assasin

Want to be spooky and sexy? be an assassin! People will change their minds about you when they see you in this. You will look, A-amazing.

6. Girls Halloween Coccinella Costume Party Costume

This Halloween costume comes with adorned headpiece and dress. It’s is the perfect costume for this holiday, fun, creative, as well as conservative.

7. The Flintstones Costume for Couple

If you are looking for original Halloween ideas, then you can’t go wrong with this classic. People just don’t wear these enough anymore.

8. Frog Costume

Halloween bodysuit that comes with a headpiece and gloves to ensure that you look “green” like a Frog. Don’t forget the crown. We all know that frogs can turn into princes or princesses.

9. Lolita Long Curly Clip on Ponytails Cosplay Wig

If you have a sassy care free personality, borrow from cosplay character. Create your own unique original Halloween costumes. This pink wig right out of a manga would be a great starting point.

10. Masquerade Ball Masks

Inexpensive yet creative idea. Differentiate yourself from the crowd, be royal, mysterious, mystic, artistic, and everything else you can be. Halloween is made  for just that.


11. Royal Guard Soldier Costume

If sexy and serious could rhyme, it would be in a song about the British royal guard. I mean what happened to the time where soldier were heroes. Kids and teen boys will love this one!

12. Men’s Black Tunic Costume

For men who can’t be bothered to think about original Halloween costumes. This robe will be perfect. Simple, easy, costume worthy, convenient, black, and can be used for other occasions.

13. Sexy Poison Leaves the Envy of Villains Halloween Costume

This unit features strapless green metallic expandable suit with beautiful details and mask. For the faery girl in your life.

14. Lion Mane Wig for Dog and Cat Costume

Pet Adjustable Washable Comfortable Fancy Lion Hair Dog Clothes Dress for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and other festival party activity.

15. Soap Loofah Bubbles Adult Costume Set

A perfect match! very creative ensemble for couple. Simple and sexy!

Once you successful selected your preferred original Halloween costumes, you might still need to do some final touches to ensure that it fits perfectly.