Original Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner. You will have to go with some original Halloween decorations to outsmart your friends and family and make the most of it. Whether you are a nature lover or a free spirit, recommend the following thirteen Halloween decorations ideas for your home, patio, and garden. These decorations can last fall and even all year long.

1. The Bashful Orangutan Statue

First is an adorable ape. Scary enough for Halloween and also makes a good garden companion. This is a quality artistic work with dimensions 12″W x11″D x24″H and weight 11 lbs. Perfect for both inside and outside your home or garden. It looks very realistic as well, so your guests will definitely be impressed.

2. Hanging Vine Plant Leaves Garland

For nature frenzies, a garden or patio is not proper without a mesh of greens. This unique set of Hanging Vine Plant Leaves Garland Rattan Ball lights will definitely make your outdoors more mysterious and… inviting. They are 85 Ft long and will last seasons

3. Home Contemporary Rise of the Planet of Apes Canvas

This canvas is not made for Halloween but fit perfectly! very masculine and charismatic figure for inside decor. A definite conversation starter, the prints comes in many sizes. As creative as original Halloween decorations can be.

4. Wallmonkey Spider

These spooky original Halloween decorations are also DIY material. Since Halloween must be celebrated accordingly, your guests must know about your intentions.

5. Halloween Mantle Lighted Canvas

Eco-friendly yet inspire Halloween spirit, the Halloween Mantle LED Canvas would be ideal for the minimalists’ hallways and patios. Simple, artistic, and Halloween spooky.

6. Pumpkin Scarecrow

Of course, we must include a pumpkin person. Who else better than a scarecrow to keep vultures away. This one is perfect for indoor or outdoor decor. In addition, it has a definitive fall theme.

7. Pumpkin Leaves Welcome Flag

Inexpensive yet beautiful and original welcome flag different from the traditional welcome mesh. Would fit perfectly in the garden this fall and is worth to take into account for this Halloween.

8. Halloween Sparkle Tree with Cats, Pumpkins, and Spiders

Easy to spot from a distance and creates a magnificent appearance, even in a dimly lit room. If you have kids, then they will love it for sure.

9. Solar Halloween Decorations String Lights

Are those peppers or ghost having a party in your garden? Here is something which you may not have seen before, a spooky feist that is highly visible from a distance.

9. (ex æquo) Fairy String Lights 20 Purple Spider

On the same note, spiders are invited to the party. Colorful original Halloween decorations that will make the neighborhood lit.

10. Zombie Face and Arms Lawn Stakes

For unsuspected day intruders, a classic zombie decor. Green, original, and fits perfectly in any garden.

11. Handmade Painted Stone

If you want to support art and nature, then why not buy some of these hand-painted decorations for this Halloween? They look truly great and are not expensive either. Furthermore, you can also unleash the artist in you and make your own! What can be more original than handmade?

12. Crazy Bonez Skeleton Crow

If you decide to go really creeping, I mean the definition of Halloween right? The skeleton crow comes in white or black figures. This innovative creation will manage to amaze and frighten everyone. Can also be used as an accessory for your original Halloween costume.

13. Vintage Bronze Iron Nets Lanterns Plug-in String Lights

This unique set of lights has a nice glowing effect and is truly great for Halloween. It can be placed both indoors and outdoors as long as a power source is available, and also comes with six head replacements just in case some of the lights burn out accidentally.