Perennial edible plants

Perennial edible plants can survive for more than two years. Once you plant them all you need to do is make sure they get enough water and sunlight. Being naturally sturdy plants, perennial edible plants will essentially take care of themselves. Perennials will wilt during the cold months and grow back stronger the following spring. This is due to the already established roots underground or due to the numerous dried up seeds that dropped the past seasons. Here are two perennial edible plants that you can easily grow in your garden.

Runner Beans

This type of perennial edible plants is a bean is a native of North America and has been known to be consumed by the Native Americans as part of their diet way before the Europeans first settled in. Growers can harvest the tender pods young and eat them raw. During this stage, it can be very sweet and tastes like sugar snap peas. Like all beans, the Runner beans are naturally rich in fiber which is good for our gastric health

Chinese Chives

This next perennial edible plants can easily be mistaken for a weed because it behaves and grows like a weed. In fact, you can truly say that you don’t need a lot of effort for it to proliferate in your garden. This is because Chinese chives, also known as garlic chives, are almost as aggressive as pesky weeds. They have a milder taste than other types of chives and people consume them raw. Researchers found this type of perennial edible plants to have cancer-fighting properties adding to their popularity among health enthusiasts.

perennial edible plants

If we truly want to live a sustainable way of life, one of the most important activities that we must learn how to undertake is planting. Planting must become second nature to us if we want to help alleviate the world’s environmental problems. It is even a viable solution to some of the most pressing social problems. Issues like world hunger and diminishing natural resources. This is true because of the simple reason that anyone can learn how to plant. One just needs to learn how to do it properly and efficiently.