Flabby arms can be embarrassing. You may feel uncomfortable to wear sleeveless garments that can show these bat wings. Excess fat deposit and age can cause your muscle to lose its elasticity. Despite this unsightly condition, getting well toned and beautiful arms is possible. Exercises will help you to get rid of jiggling arms. Workouts involving weights can easily tone your arms. However, you don’t need to visit the gym to reduce or prevent flabby arms.

Simple Arm Workouts Prevent Flabby Arms

You can practice simple arm workouts at home, work, or even in the car to stop arm jiggle. Such activities can keep the upper part of your body in good shape while you gain weight. They strengthen your biceps and triceps. The following exercises will help you achieve well-toned arms without lifting heavy objects.


This activity works on the triceps. You can practice it while placing both palms on a floor or wall.

Floor push-ups

With shoulder wide apart, place your palms on the floor. Bend your arms slightly. Keeping your feet together, support your body with your toes and hands. Inhale as you lower yourself towards the floor. Once your chest nearly touches the ground, return to your initial position as you exhale. Steady your body and repeat the exercise. Also, a narrower distance between your shoulders can work more on your triceps.

Wall push-ups

This variation of the regular push-up enables you to adjust your weight quickly. To practice the workout, place your palm on a wall while facing it. Stand at a distance from the wall. Keep your face at least six inches from the wall. Inhale as you move towards the wall but don’t allow your body to touch it. Push yourself away from the wall while exhaling.


This workout tones the triceps. You can practice it on a bench, chair or floor. Grip a bench behind you while tucking your elbows at 90 degrees by your sides. Lower your body while supporting your weight with your triceps. Slowly push yourself to the starting position and repeat the exercise. However, lifting your body too high in a chair will not affect your arms as desired. The floor dips will enable you to monitor your posture during the workout.


Arms rotations build upper body strength. They tone the arm muscles. While standing, stretch out your arms keeping them parallel to the floor. Raise them up and rotate backward in circles like the blades of an electric fan. Repeat the activity several times to strengthen your arms.

prevent flabby arms

Arm stretches

This workout eliminates excess fat deposits in your triceps as you extend your arms. To practice it, interlock your hands while raising them above your head. Hold each wrist with the other hand. Pull your right hand to the left side with your elbow falling behind your head. Without releasing your grip, draw your left hand to your right side.

Goodbye wave

You can stretch your arm muscles by waving your hands. With your arms at the shoulder level, wave your palms. Make sure that your upper arms are still and speed up the motion.

Workouts can enable you to achieve perfect looking arms. You can get rid of or prevent flabby arms by practicing simple exercises at home or work. Get started to have you’re the figure you desire.