For most recently divorced women, it’s difficult to return to a normal single life after a marriage falls apart. There is the complicated divorce process, the emotional torture, the children who now have to be raised by whoever won custody and then there is the social stigma; the shame of being a divorcée.

Many divorced people tend to condemn themselves even before the society does so, if they are religious people, they see divorce as a sign of God’s punishment of an inner character flaw and the shame gets the better of them.

First of all, every recently divorced woman out there should see herself as a conqueror. Many women are in abusive marriages but cannot walk out of it for fear of being tagged a marriage failure. You have shown a usual bravery by taking a huge step to end your unhappiness, so stop feeling ashamed and sorry for yourself.

The social stigma associated with divorce

When people hear that you divorced, they start trying to figure out what went wrong. If they attended your wedding, then the gossip will be juicier for them. Being with such people can kill your self-esteem. Be reminded that contrary to what your religious leader, tradition or society might be telling you; a divorce does not mean you are inadequate. You do not have to hide, you do not have to feel humiliated or try to disappear.

recently divorced women

Recently divorced women and social shame

The cure for the pain is pain, so cry! Don’t bottle it inside of you, admit to yourself that you are ashamed and let it out. After crying your heart out, lead shame out your door and never allow it get the better of you again.

If people around gossip about your situation, don’t even let it get to you because if you had stayed in that marriage they would still gossip and blame you for being a coward who wouldn’t walk out of a bad marriage. People will always talk, know this and move around with pride.

They talk, they gossip, they laugh, so what? Find new friends in people who went through similar experience. You can find diverse divorced Facebook groups where you can share, read your feelings, stories, and link with people who understand.

Take care of yourself

Self-care is one of the best things you can do for yourself after a divorce, it boosts your confidence and helps you appreciate yourself better as you move on with your life. Recently divorced women looking their best after divorce will have people feeling rather happy for them.

You need to exercise

Exercise is an enemy of depression. Taking 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily helps relieve stress and produces positive hormones in your body. This will make you look and feel good.

Go shopping

Buy clothes, makeup and shoes that flatter you, get all you need to look more attractive and classier. Having a change of wardrobe gives a feeling of a fresh start.

Marrying again

Give yourself another chance at love and be open to going out on a date. Let your date know all about you, if you have kids, let him meet them before you commit to him. With the experience from your former marriage, you’d be wiser when going into another one and you will be much happier this time around. Marrying again is a possibility recently divorced women must entertain.