Big breasts can be embarrassing on men. They may feel uncomfortable to expose their chests even at beaches during summer. Reduce man boobs so they may not be big enough such that you can see their jiggling through the men’s shirts. The enlargement of breast tissues in some males may result from hormonal imbalance. This condition is known as gynecomastia. The body produces less testosterone and higher levels of estrogen. Weight gain, metabolic disorder, side-effects of several medications, and diseases can also lead to the development of man boobs.

Boys experience a swelling of the breast tissue during puberty. However, this pubertal change resolves itself within a couple of years. Older men with man boobs can still reduce man boobs and manage their breast size through the methods discussed below. You need to consult a doctor to diagnose the cause of the enlarged breast. The health professional will also recommend the appropriate solution to reduce man boobs.

Strengthening exercises to prevent and reduce man boobs

Workouts that concentrate on the chest muscles are beneficial if the enlarged breasts are due to weight gain or puberty. They help to burn out fat and develop muscular pectorals. Practice exercises that will strengthen and tighten the chest region. An internal training program is an excellent option. You can perform intensive and less vigorous activities to achieve your purpose. Such workouts include the following:

  • Push up. Both the standard and decline variation will be helpful.
  • Chest presses. Using dumbbells will help tighten flabby chest muscles.
  • Cardio on a rowing machine. This exercise is ideal for weight loss. It affects your shoulder, back, abs, and legs. Besides, it helps you to build cardiovascular strength.
  • Bench presses. This workout works on arm and chest tissues.

You can practice these exercises at a gym or home. However, repeating them three to four times each week will be more efficient to reduce man boobs.

Healthy diets to Prevent Gynecomastia

Nutritious and balanced meals can help reduce enlarged breasts on men. Use healthy recipes to formulate weekly meal plans. Try to buy wholesome ingredients for your dishes. Controlling your calorie intake will reduce accumulation of fat in your chest region and other parts of your body. Opt for foods with low fat and sugar. Consume fresh foods and healthy grains such as brown rice. Healthy protein sources like beans and lean meat, fruits, and vegetables are also good. Go for organic dairy products and meat from hormone-enhanced free animals.

Reduce your alcohol intake and avoid narcotics such as amphetamines and marijuana. These addictive substances can cause hormonal imbalance leading to gynecomastia. Avoid estrogenic herbal products like lavender, tea tree, and other plant oils. Whole grains such as rye and flaxseeds and some legumes like soybeans also contain estrogen.

Surgery to Remove Excess Breast Fat

You can opt for breast reduction procedures if an underlying medical condition is responsible for your gynecomastia. Discuss with the surgeon to find out the side-effect of the breast surgery.

Avoid medications that can lead to enlarged breasts in men. Consult your physician if you are using drugs for the treatment of a prostate condition, anxiety, HIV/AIDS, ulcer, and cancer. Anabolic androgens and steroids can also contribute to the development of man boobs. Healthy lifestyle and exercises can correct the condition if it isn’t caused by hormonal imbalance or metabolic disorder.