Winter season forces everyone to make adjustments in their dressing. However, for women who are particular about their appearance, this is more than adjusting to the weather. Most ladies find it difficult to choose wears that flaunt their hot figure this season. Don’t worry, I am going to show you sexy winter fashion and how to adjust to the cold that comes with the season while looking as hot as ever.

Sexy winter fashion essentials

This is how you should be dressing to stay sexy in the chills of the winter season.

Wear knee-high boots

Instead of going around in regular sandals and heels, sub in the sexy knee-high boots. They look very sexy when combined with little black dress or a mini skirt; you also get protected from the cold since your legs are covered up to your knee.

Wear variety of velour made clothes

The soft and silky velour material will keep you warm during winter. They are not hard to find, so get a deep-red tight velour gown in black heels and drive men wild!

Wear long sleeve knit bodycon gowns

Bodycon gowns are my favorite, they bring out the killer curves anytime, on any body type. In winter, just get those made from a knit material, preferably long sleeve because of the weather.

Wear lace-up sweaters

Sweaters are a must in winter; everyone wears them. But you’re not just going to wear a sweater if you want to look sexy, replace those grandma sweaters with sexy lace-up types, match it with leggings and kill the season!

What to wear for school

If you are a student and confused about what to wear during winter, here are some suggestions.

Sharply opposing colors

Combine your winter clothes in colors that totally contrast but compliment each other.


Wear your converse with a denim jacket and jeans to match. Makes you look smart and sexy.

Jacket and scarf

Perfect for winter! A loose jacket with a scarf around your neck settling on your chest looks smoking hot and comfortable too.

What to wear for a family/Christmas dinner

If you’re wearing a dress or skirt, pick low heel shoes and use high heels for jeans, wear what is comfortable. Jeans and denim are never out of style and are definitely sexy winter fashion

Choose jewelry and wear makeup that matches with your dress colors, don’t make it too heavy. Don’t forget to rock denim; they always kill it.

What to wear on a date

So you have a dinner date during winter and want to dress to control the shivering cold while looking sexy for your significant other, here is what you should do;

For a winter date night

For sexy winter fashion, combine a maroon sweater dress with a pair of those knee-high boots I mentioned earlier.

You can also slay in white by appearing in an all-white pants, blouse, and vest. Also, rock nude heels with a pencil skirt and a simple T-shirt made of cotton. If you want to appear informal, you can rock white flats, skinny jeans and a red blazer with a white tank. There you have it, go ahead and slay it this winter!