Let’s be real here; short guys do not top the list of an average woman’s most preferred dating partners. Just the way most men see fat women, the majority of ladies would rather be in a relationship with a tall man, or one that is at least taller than them. However, When you get your mind out of the “tall, dark and handsome” box, you’ll realize the short men husband material potential.

A lot of women actually prefer tall men because of the generally accepted belief that they are sexier and the height gives a certain sense of protection. That’s all, nothing more. It is all just an idea comfortably sitting in the heads of many women that taller men make better boyfriends and lovers.

Being in a relationship with a short guy comes with a lot of perks, there are things their height brings into the romance that you’ll never have with a tall guy;

Short men are better lovers

Dating a short guy means you will never have to strain your neck for a kiss. You can always reach for it easily and not feel like a little girl trying to get something from the shelf. Although short men might have less experience with kissing or anything sex, they can be a good student. If a woman wants anything at all, it’s a man trained to know how to please her. being the ideal candidate, that makes short men husband material.

They will be your biggest supporter

Most men like to have a more successful career than their girlfriends because it makes them feel they’re in control. They usually get uncomfortable when a woman is earning more or getting promoted. A short guy who can date a taller woman is less likely to have all those issues because if he can love a taller you comfortably in his short body, it shows he is confident and will support your dreams. 

Shorter men are great friends

Being in a relationship with a short guy comes with a great deal of intimacy because they are such good at being friends. They are the perfect companion and confident. You will never doubt their loyalty. In addition, if you love to feel like you’re Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks when you’re walking, this guy will indulge you. It is almost impossible to feel that way when you’re with a tall guy. No matter what heels you’re wearing, you’ll always feel like those hot supermodels when you both show up for events.

Short men husband appreciates your love more than a taller Man

The average “tall, dark and handsome” guy has a lot of girls throwing themselves at him. As a result of this, most tall guys no longer feel a woman can love them for reasons outside their tall frame, they get a lot of “love” from the female folk and will not see yours as a special thing. It takes a lot of them to see and appreciate your love. A short man, however, knows that you’ve seen many tall men out there but chose to be with him, so you want more than mere looks, he knows you see better than the majority of women, and he appreciates your love better.

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