No matter the part of the world you’re from, you can learn how to speak English fluently so that whoever hears you will not be able to use your accent to tell where you’re from. However, In your quest for self-improvement in communication, know that getting rid of your native accent is a gradual process that requires patience.

Tips to speak English fluently

If you want to learn how to speak English without your native accent hindering it, just carry out the practices listed below and in no time. You will be rid of your native accent and speak the language fluently.

  • Talk slowly

When speaking English, don’t rush, speak slowly. If you speak slowly, you are more likely to note when you are making a mistake or when you are going back to your native accent. Also, finish one word before pronouncing the next one.

  • Practice everyday

Practice makes perfect. Thus, be sure you set out time to practice your English at least five times a day. Stop speaking your native language for now. Only use English to communicate at home or with family. When you practice how to speak English fluently, look into the mirror and record your voice so you can replay it later to grade your progress.

  • Watch English movies

This single-handedly helped me learn English very well. While you are getting entertained by a movie, pay attention to the way they speak. Pause and repeat certain scenes where they say words you want to learn. Repeat the words again and again, then continue the movie. When next you are talking to someone, use the method you learned from the movie.

  • Take recorded mp3 lessons

For about $30, you can purchase an mp3 prerecorded English accent lesson. Find time to listen to it carefully and follow the voice instructions on how to speak English fluently. You can always pause, repeat and fast forward as you wish to get a word clearer when you are confused. If you are the busy type, you can always play this mp3 just like you do a background song while you do your house chores, it is a good way to make your training a part of you.

  • Hire a qualified coach

So far, this is one of the most effective ways to speak better English and lose your native accent. If you have a private tutor, he/she can book appointments with you and take you on a step by step session on how to achieve your aim. English language and accent tutors usually give constructive exercises to work on, and this is how they monitor your progress. You can find qualified pronunciation and speech language coaches in libraries, community colleges, and through online research. Have it in mind that hiring a coach might be costly.

how to speak english fluently

Bonus tip: how to speak English fluently

Get an English pronunciation dictionary on your phone and always use it when you are in doubt. Don’t be afraid to mix with English speakers, at school, work, or events. They may laugh at your attempts to speak English in their accent but know it is only temporary. Tell them to correct you if you are wrong. They might be your best teachers and service is FREE!