Facial asymmetry can make your smile seem unnatural. You need to see a doctor to check out the part of your face that isn’t correctly aligned. Facial exercises can help you resolve the condition and obtain a symmetrical smile. Try some workouts that can deal with the issue before deciding on surgery for a symmetrical face. However, the practices may take some time to give you the expected results.

Symmetrical Smile

A crooked smile can make you lose confidence in yourself. Such imperfection may result from lip asymmetry. Besides being congenital, trauma, neurologic problems, missing teeth, and tooth position can cause the lip not to be symmetrical. A therapist will enlighten you on the practical techniques for correcting lip imbalance. The exercises involve using your fingers to manipulate the movement of your lips. There are also activities that work on the cheeks, eyebrows, and the area between the nose and upper lips.

You will not like to take pictures of yourself with an uneven smile or let other people notice it. Facial exercises can make the mouth area more symmetrical allowing you to have an even smile. By manipulating the movement of your facial muscles, your face can have a balanced appearance. Here are exercises that can get you symmetrical smiles.

Facial Exercise for a Symmetrical Face

Partial wink

This activity aligns the tissues of the lower eyes and upper cheek. It involves partial winking of an eye for 50 times. Hold each wink for a second. Then push your fingers into the skin of your temple. Slightly pull the skin back and close your eyes tightly while your fingers while your fingers are still in position. About 20 repetitions of this workout at a time will be helpful.

Facial stretch

Elongate your face while looking up and pull the tissues under your upper lip to cover the bottom lip. Smile widely with your face still in the elongated position. 18 repetitions of this exercise will refresh your skin and align your facial muscles for a more noticeable symmetrical face.

Cheek toning

Facial asymmetry can make one side of the cheek smaller than the other. Such imbalance is easily noticeable. However, strengthening exercises can correct the alignment. Press the upper cheek with three fingers from each hand. Use the fingers to push the muscles towards your jaw while smiling. Try to resist the pressure from your fingers by using the smile to manipulate your cheek tissues. Don’t move your head during the workout. Correcting your cheek alignment can make your smile symmetric and perfect.

Muscles of one side of your face may appear weaker if your face isn’t well aligned. They can make your smile uneven. Facial workouts can restore balance to the tissues on your face and contribute to a symmetrical face. Moreover, they will help you to control the muscles. You can use your fingers to assist the movement of the weak muscles. Watching your reflection in a mirror as you practice the exercise will enable you to perform it correctly.

However, you need to see a physician to make sure that the facial imbalance isn’t due to an overlying disease. Practice facial exercises to balance the muscles on your face.

Having a symmetrical face will make your smile even and give you a happy look.