You can’t maintain that transcendent meditation, TM, isn’t a religion. The practice has its roots in Hinduism. Besides, the activities involved in the initiation ceremony show that it is a cult. The ritual conducted in Hindu’s sacred language, Sanskrit is addressed to its deities. During the ceremony, the new members recite the names of the Hindu deities. The transcendent meditation scam and cult requests each initiate to present an unused handkerchief, fruits, and a bunch of flowers.

Cult-like Practices

The activities and prayers offered at the initiation ceremony confirm that TM is a meditation scam. This religious cult convinces people that the technique can calm the mind. With an emphasis on relaxation after the stressful daily activities, they are encouraged to practice transcendent meditation. The cult leaders, Maharishi, claim that the TM allows individuals to experience peace. They recommend it twice daily for a healthier and happier life.

Transcendent meditation has no proven effect on diseases. However, people who practice it claim that it promotes self-understanding and relaxation. This type of meditation involves sitting comfortably while repeating your mantra silently. Once you focus and say the correct mantra, you will connect with the universe. You must allow your mind to concentrate on anything that fascinates you before you can achieve this purpose. It will make it easier for you to expand your consciousness.

transcendent meditation scam

When you stay focused, you can reach the cosmic level of consciousness. At this stage, you connect with the universe to obtain inner peace and happiness. You have to keep your mantra secret for it to remain effective. A guru gives each initiate a meditation phrase to suit the individual’s personality.

Transcendent Meditation Scam Secrecies

The mantra is a Sanskrit prayer to a Hindu god. Reverence to a deity does the practice of TM a form of idolatry. The first commandment forbids worship of false gods. Though Christians believe in meditation, the basis of TM is against their belief. The transcendent meditation cult misrepresents the Christian teachings. The members don’t believe in the existence of the Almighty God.

The transcendent brainwash initiates to practice idolatry. The practice results in self-worship as mediators believe in unity with the divine. However, chanting and visualizing can’t purify any being in connection with the highest God. The assumed benefits of the practice when in the level of higher consciousness may lead to sinister experiences.

The transcendent meditation scam is a religious cult anchored in Hinduism. The presentation of flowers and fruit by new members is an offering to the Hindu deity. Through this means, these individuals enter into covenant with the god. They believe that through the meditation scam they can be like God.

Deceived by the claims of better self-understanding and peace, people practice transcendent meditation. The gurus taught that when the body becomes relaxed, it will have a positive effect on the immune system. Besides the health benefits, the mediators believe that the technique will make them smarter and more productive. These individuals are brainwashed into idolatry and self-worship. Christians should avoid this meditation scam that tricks people to offer prayers to another god. They should also desist from self-worship.