When going vegan, all some simply want is to gain weight or at least maintain a healthy look. The need to gain weight can be due to underweight or a very low body mass index. There are many people with the problem of being skinny and many just hope to have a better athletic build (made up of muscle mass). There are few articles that talk about gaining weight, but here is this one; teaching you to achieve weight gain in the healthiest ways. Eating vegan weight gain snacks still sounds like the healthiest way.

Vegan weight gain Tips

For your vegan weight gain diet, have no fears for you have eggs, dairy, meat, fish, and chicken all ruled out of your diet. The basic principle of weight gain is taking in more calories than your body needs and this isn’t so hard to achieve with a vegan diet of vegetables, nuts, seed, beans, and fruits. Here are some tips you can remember on your weight gain trip; using a vegan diet:

Get to discover which vegan foods have fats and the ones you enjoy eating best

Do your own research on the kinds of vegan foods that are fatty some of which are; avocados, nuts, seeds, and oils. Discovering is not enough. Try some to know which you enjoy best because everyone prefers to eat what they really like.

Midnight snacks for the win

This is the most common and even quickest way to add weight; even better when eating a vegan meal at midnight.

weight gain snacks

Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash

Vegan weight gain snacks

Nuts always work

Nuts are calorie dense; which shows how good they are for weight gain. Instead of eating junk, they serve as a better option for taking in nutrient-rich calorie. There are various recipes and ways to eat nuts and you can never go wrong with nuts as part of your vegan diet. Making peanut butter sandwiches is one delicious way to eat nut butter. Nut butter can be added on breakfast snacks (such as toast or a bagel). It can be served with side dishes (such as apple, cut-up carrots, yogurts or milk) while having lunch or dinner as well. Peanut butter, banana, and sandwich are great vegan weight gain snacks. In addition, they can be eaten as a healthy meal at any time of the day. Inexpensive homemade nut butter is highly recommended.

Homemade inexpensive hummus with chickpeas and vegetable oil

Try this out in your weight gain journey. Hummus has a good amount of fat and enough hummus in your diet will help achieve weight gain goals in no time. Vegetal oil is rich in amino acid and calories. Great to help you maintain a healthy weight. Homemade inexpensive hummus sides are always good vegan weight gain snacks option.

Try smoothies and other drinks

Smoothies are generally easy to consume. Use chocolate soy or coconut drinks to give yourself a good treat while achieving your goal at the same time. Use almond, say, or coconut milk in place of cow milk.

Much ado about beans

Pair a legume (such as beans) with a grain for the best results. These make a perfect quick vegan weight gain snacks. You’re sure to enjoy it while you’re getting the best of diets.