You do not eat meat, fish, chicken, and other foods that come from animals. So, as a vegan, how do you maintain your weight gain without spending so much money on food?

Eat more calories

You may have started seeing the need for the addition of a little weight when you stopped eating certain foods or when you decided to become a vegan. Either way, one answer to your prayer of maintaining or gaining a little weight without digging a big hole into your pocket is to consume more calories. Now, we all know too much of everything, even water, is detrimental to the body, so do not take too much of it.

Your weight gain is practically an issue of calories entering and leaving your body. Thus that you can increase your calorie portion intake in moderation.

Some cheap sources of calories for vegans are nut butter, avocados, coconut, whole grains, and seeds. You can easily make a nutrient dense smoothie containing banana, nut butter, and fresh nut milk.

Understand how to use beans to your advantage

Beans are cheap, so you will not break the bank to have it in your kitchen that’s if you don’t already have it. As a vegan trying to maintain weight gain, you should know that beans are a very good source of protein. To get the best out of beans, cook them with grains or cereals. Cooking beans and eating it with rice is a good way to get the best out of beans for your weight.

Tropical oils for weight gain

It is not possible to talk about vegan weight gain without mentioning tropical oils. Palm and olive oils are good sources of saturated fat suitable for the vegan diet. These oils can increase the fat content of your diet and improve your general weight maintenance. One great feature of tropical oils is that the fatty acids they contain are medium chain fatty acids, they are metabolized differently than the ones found from animals (long chain fatty acids) and are most likely to be used by your body for energy. Adding them to your food is a very healthy way to add fat to your diet, which goes a long way in helping you maintain your weight without spending a lot of money.

Start having midnight snacks

When we sleep, our bodies burn fewer calories; this is why some dieters take nothing more than water one hour before bedtime. You can use the knowledge of your body burning fewer calories during sleep for weight gain. Before you brush your teeth and retire for the night, get a little snack like an apple with nut butter, whole grain toast, or guacamole and some chips. These foods are quite cheap in the market, so buy and store them for your midnight snacking.

weight gain

There you have it, you can maintain your current body weight and if you want, you can even add. Being a vegan should not be, and is not an automatic sentence to a slender body figure