Before reading this know that I am not expert in all thing biblical or yoga. I am of Christian faith. I believe that yoga poses idolatry for every faiths because it tricks people into worshipping of Hindu gods.

Yoga is a practice with claims of calming the mind and keeping the body fit. With the global focus on health, it has become essential in promoting wellness. Though it appears to be a simple physical work out, yoga is a spiritual exercise. It enables the body to unify with the divine. Such transformation is possible through body postures and exercises. Thus, yoga poses idolatry can expose you to demonic possession, occult involvement, and astral projection. Yoga idolatry is gaining ground worldwide under the guise of improving human health.

Spiritual Implications

Many people engage in yoga practice to get relief from stress. Unknowingly, they get involved in yoga worshipping. The westernized version of the technique appears to be devoid of its spiritual aspect. However, the stretching and other body movements involved in the process prepares the mind to detach from the body. As a result of this act of idolatry, Christians and yoga are incompatible.

The primary goal of yoga is to unify the mind with God. The process of achieving this purpose can lead you to cultic experiences. In addition, yoga postures perceived as acts of idolatry produces a force known as the serpent power. These positions are of occult origin. Yoga poses such as “greeting the sun,” “Cobra,” and “mountain” are acts of salutation to Hindu gods. This yoga worshipping is a form of idolatry.

yoga poses idolatry

Yoga Poses Idolatry and Occultism

Based on this knowledge, yoga is not purely a physical exercise. It has spiritual implications. This practice aims at awakening the serpent power from a coiled snake at the base of the human spine. Once activated through stretching and twisting of the body, the serpent moves up until it reaches the head. At this point, it releases a force that affects people. Moreover, it is impossible for individuals who experience such power to remain normal.

Many people who engage in yoga practice are ignorant of the serpent power. Deceived by the physical exercises, they willingly participate in yoga poses idolatry. Such involvement results in bad experiences. Some individuals who practice yoga complain of nervousness and depression. In an attempt to get better, such individuals may become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Strange encounters from the practice can also affect your mental health. Many people have committed suicide or become insane after meeting spiritual beings during the astral projection.

Christian Beware

You are practicing Hinduism if you engage in yoga. Over time, the spiritual aspect can expose you to demonic connections. The Christian faith forbids this practice as yoga worshipping is a form of idolatry. Its positions were for reverencing Hindu gods and the flow of force energy through the body. Many people are not aware of the spiritual voyage associated with the yoga. It unites the mind with the universal spirit. The accompanying physical exercises only release the soul from the body. Once detached, projection to the astral plane is possible.

Christians should beware of yoga poses idolatry. They should be aware of the trickery that can lead them to such practice. The “sun salutation” and nudity associated with the yoga rituals depict idolatry. Besides, it is mantra-based and involves the repetition of the sun’s twelve names. Despite the claims of promoting good health, yoga worshipping has spiritual implications.

Do your Research on Yoga Poses Idolatry

Here is an excerpt from an article by Paul Drengowski:

From a biblical perspective meditation is not about detaching oneself from one’s body, uniting with God while losing one’s personality, or making spiritistic trips into the astral world to lose one’s identity in the great nothingness of an unknowable deity. Biblical meditation is about contemplation on the things of a knowable, personable, revelatory God who has not only created all inanimate things, but all beings who can enjoy them, if they will recognize the source of their being.

The first clear indication of what meditation is about is found Joshua 1:8 where the Lord God informs Joshua, who was appointed to lead the nation of Israel into the Promised Land, “This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success” (NASB). Clearly such instruction is antithetical to the message of yoga, which instructs its followers to empty their minds in brainwashing-type fashion, along with a few obscenely grotesque physical moves to place one’s left heel inside one’s right ear, mentally condition the practitioner to leave one’s body. Biblical meditation invites unity with God without promoting the spiritual dissolution or physical contortion of the person to attain it.

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