Life is a journey and is a school, but learning about oneself is a taxonomy of its own. Life to me is basically a passage of time. But what YOU, the being living it, IS, is what makes it more interesting, if not challenging. There is a passage inspired by a Taoism that stated something similar to this reasoning: “Those that say they know everything, actually know nothing and those who acknowledge that they don’t know, is what pushes them to search for the truth and learn things, hence they know more.” This is eventually the wisest statement ever made. And to me, it is the greatest philosophy one needs to use to open one’s eyes. To learn about selves thus developing a greater personality.

YOU and what it IS…

In terms of learning who you are, stop setting limits to yourself. Try everything, do everything. Note how your body, your senses, your realizations and thought process are reacting with the passage of time and the events of your life. More importantly, note any do-over and better approach and outcomes. There, right there is the beginning of the study of YOU as you are with the passage of life, the passage of time. YOU And what it IS that you are.

Belise Maj